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Friday, June 13, 2014


Who is moving on in the World Cup at Brasil, Brazil, Bresil 2014 and who is going home soon???
It's time to figure out where the World's best stand on the biggest stage and head to head.  You may have your ideas of who is the best or how far a team will go, but it's based on your team strength, luck of the draw, health, unity, sports psychology, LOCATION lots of history...which I love!  I predicted Spain would win 4 years ago and most all of the teams out of the group stage so let's see how I do this year...but it won't be easy with so many star players left off the 23 man squad (Donovan for USA, Rossi for Italy, Ronaldinho for Brasil) or injured (Falcao for Colombia, Montes for Mexico, Costa for Spain, Ribery for France).  So what's left?  That's what I'm trying to figure out after going through tons of reports, news, updates, historical data and just that GUT FEELING!

I only have so much time before Brasil v. Croatia takes place so let's get this rolling for you to read around halftime, just so you don't feel I'm cheating.  I'll make it short and sweet and do a group by group breakdwon/update of matches played and going forward as things change, injuries happen and some countries just don't show up!

The home team always goes through (save South Africa 2010), but this is Brasil and I'll just say that they'll be fine and go one of two ways, win it all or lose in a quarter final upset. I say this as they can be overconfident.  For now Group A is Brasil 1st and Cameroon 2nd, WHAT?! Normally Mexico always goes through but in South American World Cups, they don't play well, have made it through once in the old system of playoffs, but they lost a lot with Montes being injured. Croatia is strong, but not like France '98.  Cameroon is itching with Samuel Eto'o in probably his last World Cup and strong and should be comfortable in this diverse land.

GROUP B: Spain is the champ and Netherlands was 2nd, but watch out for a South American team in South America, that being Chile.  When Chile played in their homeland in '62 they finished 3rd!  They are going through and may be 1st barring a slight injury to Vidal.  Spain has haphazardly lost or tied openers (even in the last World Cup they lost the opening game), but this team is to tough and experienced and as former conquerors of South America (see how an old conqueror of Africa won in Africa) they will go first and Chile 2nd. Holland is experienced and have been runner's up here and last time in Africa, but without Rafael Van der Vaart in the midfield and Greogry van der Wiel in defense their gelling is thrown off.

Group C: Colombia! Colombia! Colombia! Front running enough for you haha, it's my parents homeland and we've all lived through enough crushing defeats and this year was supposed to be our best chance as a dark horse to win it all and steal it, but with Falcao injured, the best would be 4th place after a Quarter Final upset of Brasil (a Maracanazo) as we play them better than anyone.  Let's just get that first nod out of the Group stage as Greece is not proven here.  Japan gives me fits as they have more support in Brasil being that there are a lot of Japanese who grew up here and they are a fast team who play really good set pieces (free kicks, indirect kicks, corners).  It's a bigger motivation for Drogba playing in his last World Cup for The Ivory Coast (Les Elephantes being their nickname).  If they upset Colombia they'd go first, but not down here, so the 2nd place team to advance and done.

GROUP D: Is a Classic Group with 3 former Champions and Uruguay now is the healthiest and strongest who have kept their team together with the return of Luis Suarez.  They still have Forlan who was the Golden Boot winner and best player & Cavani and weak in group play, but they got in so now it's on and they are strong.  What does that mean? Try and stop them, they are now my new dark horse to take it all and/or cause another Maracanazo, so to begin play strong and win this group.  Italy is strong and should go far, but without Rossi, not going to the semis, but if so they'd lose it...perhaps in penalties.  These two champs face off again in a big match for the top spot.  England is solid and has been perfect in group play, but that varies in Europe so it's a small sampling, still lacking and again in South America they pretty much go down in flames (1950, 1970, what were you there, exactly).  Costa Rica can cause problems for the to be 2nd place entry, but at their strength on this stage, in this group of death, they'd be hard pressed though I think they'll make a valiant effort.

Tired from culinary school and commitments, I get this out just after the Mexico opener, but finished writing group A-C by half time of the Brasil 3-1 victory over Croatia.  Though I won't bet all my marbles on it, Croatia looks to upset the 2nd place entry, but more so, Brasil looks vulnerable (no matter what the refs called or didn't) and I feel are being replaced by Uruguay or Argentina as the eventual champion.  Remember it's gotta be a South American team as only we win here.  A first, aaahhh, not feeling it just yet.  I may be wrong, but that's hardly ever the case...because I know what I'm talking about HAHAHAHAHA!!

Okay Group E-H this weekend, enjoy the game and if you don't agree with me, tell me and I'll back it up even more with historical data...and we'll see right :) follow me on instagram: ColoAmericano

Saturday, November 26, 2011


What I didn't know is what I had yet to experience in a live Led Zeppelin show complete with "the look", albeit a cover band, but from a group that dresses the part and takes on the persona if you will, WHAT A THRILL! I think when you have the look, you can have the feel if your into what you're doing and if you do it well, then you get more into it.  That's what Led Zepagain does, they really put on a show for you, not just a musical delight to the ears, but something cool to look at.

I had, for many seasons, seen a variety of cover bands on the tile billboard of the Santa Fe Springs Swap meet right off the 5 Freeway and Artesia Blvd for Van Halen, ACDC, The Rolling Stones and more, but this was one I could not miss.  It's one thing to hear the sound, but when you "get into your work" as lead singer David Swan Montgomery does (rekindling the role of Robert Plant), it just makes it that much more enjoyable.

video"The Immigrant Song"
Understand that I'm 37 and the first I heard of Led Zeppelin was rolling down the highways in my Mom's '67 Mustang California GT Special which was probably KLOS 95.5 and free wheeling music of the 70's, I just didn't know it.  I most assuredly knew exactly what I was listening to when I first saw "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and my sister told me Led Zeppelin was a cool band that you should know.  That moment was two of the main characters (Jennifer Jason Leigh & Brian Backer) out on a date in a sports car blasting "Kashmir", it's a classic and done on the advice of his "cool" friend Mike Damone (Robert Romanus).  From then on I was hooked, but it was that fervor that this cover band brought that elicited that unique nostalgic feeling when you're feeling good again about something you remembered.

I've only seen old film footage in documentaries and a ton of outdoor concerts from the 70's in the haze of what was often a crushed California sun.
Being that the Santa Fe Springs Swap meet is in an open courtyard that has a covering to dissipate the sun, but let's a lot of light in giving it a very intimate feeling & emitted those feelings.

I met up with a cool Colombian friend who was also into Classic Rock & Hard Rock.  She went on to mention the affect in Latin America was huge and remember attending large concerts in parks and stadiums which you'll see in many a rock tour as some of the largest in the World.  As the sociable person I am, I started talking about shows with a guy from Guatemala seen here to your right and come to find out he's followed this band for years and was also at the Jason Bonham show at The Greek Amphitheatre, but liked this version better.  So we're all drinking Budweiser and my new friend bust out a leather covered flask full of tequilla and 2 shot glasses.  We take two hits and no one is the wiser, nor do they care...the experience just got more vivid.  People we're jazzed and after intermission, came back for more and this time in greater numbers.

Living Loving Maid (riff)

Now if you know me and Facebook I sure as hell checked in here and a musician friend of mine, Randy, I used to work with at OfficeMax (my 50th job I believe, lol) says we should meet up there, but for now to say hi to his buddy Eddie who works the soundboard with a cool cat named John.  Eddie finds the posting through Randy and we start commenting on where we're at in relation to the stage.  Randy is baffled and tells us, how the fuck do you two know each other, we don't asshole, we just met on Facebook!  Isn't social media great, hahaha.  Luckily I find John and get a primo view center stage of this wondrous group and enjoyed every minute.  Can't wait for the Feb. 24th show at the House of Blues in Hollywood, RAMBLE ON!

Living Loving Maid (w/ lyrics)
videoTalking further I mentioned that I write for a new bilingual Latin American magazine and have always been heavily influenced by such profound music with deeper meanings that I only figured out later in my adulthood.  I go on to mention that I also work on documentaries and it just so happens that to also be producing work, but more so on Led Zeppelin having interviewed Jason Bonham at the one off concert in London back in '07.  Right after I mention how difficult and expensive it is to license music he offers to sit down with him and the guitarist Steve Zukowsky and do an interview for me on camera...couldn't ask for anything more.  And I sincerely can't wait to see them perform live for a magazine article piece.
 Bassist Jim Wooten, followed by guitarist Steve Zukowsky and Singer Swan Montgomery below:
Be sure to follow the tour dates and news on Led Zepagain at

Like what you're reading, up next I'll take on Jazz & Blues right here in the Heart of LA.