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Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 3: Show me what death may come in Group C & D

Sunday, Bloody Sunday!!!! One of my favorite all time songs and this is how the pitch will be left after 3 blown out matches from Group's C & D that might as well stand for "Come Death". This is not to say that it won't be competive, but the ante has been upped and the goal scoring and level of play continues to rise each day. How do I figure? Let's take a real hard & honest look at who is up for a thrashing and by whose hands. There is Game 1 with Algeria v. Slovenia, Game 2 features Australia v. Germany and another African-Baltic State affair in Serbia v. Ghana. What's the worry? Being over-matched and lacking experience. I'm not saying forget the whole sordid affair, but do your country proud by playing as hard as you can for 90 minutes, win or lose.

Algeria, is a proud nation that has been through a lot of struggles with it's true identity, it's varied communities and although it is an African nation it has been crossed by the original Arab Muslims, Nazi Germans and French Colonialism, but has a rich history. Unfortunately that has not led to much success in World Cup play, however this is the team that beat a tough Egyptian squad and shows confidence in it's chances. What's the problem? A battle hardened Serbian team who not only beat out the "Big Bear" in Mother Russia, beat has also beaten Quatar & New Zealand both 3-0 in recent friendlies getting better and better, but also know it. What you will see, Zlatko Dedic who is know for scoring big goals in big games and this is the World's biggest stage. I predict a 3-1 match with Algeria scoring an opportunistic goal that will have no bearing on the tempo of the game. Algeria is injured on defense and is not as "ready-tested", so beware.

So what's wrong with Australia, nothing if they were playing New Zealand, cause they have experience from qualify in the 2006 World Cup and moving on the Round of 16 with many returning starters....but have yet to overcome Germany. What will be a shining moment, Tom Cahill scoring a goal against a young and lightly experienced Manuel Neuer, BUT this is Germany, this is the Group stage and they are strong on tradition. Why kind of tradition, how about always playing tough and coming out of it on top with many a goal and strong defense that does not showcase Michael Ballack, but an experienced Phillip Lahm who has taken over as captain. I'm telling you know, cause I know Germans, I have German mixed family and friends and they are methodical, solid and put together many a blowout in this stage. Miroslav Klose, 2006 goal leader, partnered with Lukas Podolski with extra firepower from Schweinsteiger (great German name huh!) whose name you will hear often.

So Daniel, what's wrong with Serbia? Not Nemanjan Vidic who is a Manchester United star on defense will play strong and be aided up front by striker Nikola Zigic (these guys have the most uniquely cool names here). Although they are favored, I feel Ghana has more to prove after being the only representative at Germany 2006 after reaching the Round of 16 and winning 2 games after losing to eventual champion Italy.

When it comes to history, traditionally Serbia was the former Yugoslvia who have made many runs at the Jules Rimet trophy (named after the 1st FIFA President who started this whole storied game between nations). As of recent, Serbia had gone to the last World cup, but they are facing an African Nation on African soil. Motivation? Ghanians are extremely proud and even though Michael Essien is out, they have an experienced World Cup goal scorer in Asamoah Gyan and aren't afraid to show the World just how good they are. Funny enough they are coached by a Serbian in Milovan Rajevac so they will be more than ready and finish with a 2-1 victory to continue to be the number 2 qualifier for the 2nd Stage.

You don't like it, tell me about it, comment on my website and leave me a comment on my board...and we can discuss, but save the real talking for the soccer field.

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