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Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 7: YOU WANT GOALS, WE GOT GOALS!

Fans, critics and historians had been complaining that there wasn't enough goal scoring in South Africa. That it's totally boring if there's not a lot of goals scored being that in the past 4 World Cups the averages were 2.3, 2.5 & 2.7 (both in '98 & '94). Previously it was only 1.64, but after today it's up to 1.9, WHY?...Cause EVERYONE GOT IN ON THE ACTION!

The Greeks started off the morning (for us in the United States) with a sounding defeat of Nigeria 2-1 after Sani Kaita was sent off in the second half for shoving and throwing a kick at a Greek player during a dead ball as Nigeria held a 1-0 lead...until the end of the 1st half. Was it silly yes, was it warranted, HEY, according to seasoned Colombian referee Oscar Ruiz yes! It's just not tolerated this year. By the way (BTW) Oscar's inclusion in the Cup is the most action Colombia has seen cause we didn't make it this year and the Honduran Coach Reinaldo Rueda.

With a resounding 2nd goal in the 71st minute to seal the victory, the first for Greece ever, was not only historical but mythological. How so, well as I told my good comedian friend Angelo Tsarouchas, a Greek player was injured on the ground distracting the 10 man Nigerian team when this "Trojan like Horse of a play" (no disrespect it was a clean goal) nailed the backline of Nigeria. Yes Achilles slaughtered an Ethiopian warrior, but Nigerians are African you know your Greek mythology, ok enough CLASSIC HISTORY. I went so far as to ask Angelo, "Does Vasileios TOROSIDIS stand for Trojan Horse", hey it's all Greek to me and that puts them in contention for a 2nd place struggle with South Korea.

Let's switch it up to MODERN HISTORY. Understand that goal averages in the previous 4 World Cups dating back to USA '94 and started with Germany 2006 have been 2.3, 2.5 & 2.7 ('98 & '94). In 1990 the average dropped to 2.2, the lowest ever, after all was said and done with a 1-0 Final of Germany over Argentina.

Speaking of Argentina, they are now a huge favorite to win it all after a beat down of North Korea (Korea DPR) at the feet of, no not Messi, but Gonzalo Higuain. Don't know him, you better now, he just scored a HAT TRICK (3 goals in one game) for "La Albiceleste" who are now riding a 2 game win streak and practically guaranteeing themselves a spot in the Round of 16. The first goal in this 4-1 slaughter came from the shin of Park Chu-Young, the 2nd of this Cup, the first by Denmark. Now I've heard that Kim Jong Il will give players who perform well crappy jobs upon their return, but it wouldn't have mattered in this game as Argentina poured in on with Carlos Tevez attacking and feeding the fleet footed Messi who has gotten off more shots than anyone, but has yet to connect. The good news for the Korean is that he won't be shot, as crazy as Kim Jong is, like our unfortunate infamous son Andres Escobar in '94 for the same error in a decisive match versus the USA. Which by the way "The Two Escobars" will air on ESPN Tuesday June 22nd at 9PM EST (That's 6PM for California).

Did you know there have been 47 "Hat Tricks" in the World Cup since 1930, AMAZING! The only year that there wasn't one was in the last World Cup in '06..surprisingly!

This leads me to our final match with Mexico soundly defeating France in a "fast and furious" match that saw Les Bleus succumb to pinpoint strategy at the hands of El Tri. Now El Tri stand for 3 colors, but note that many flags (including France) have 3 stripes in them, also even and with nothing else...GO FIGURE! What was a nailbiter for the over a half turned into, ANOTHER HISTORY LESSON, when Javier "El Chicharito" Hernandez came on in the 55th minute to score less than 10 minutes later and beautifully beating out all defenders to face a lone goalie. WHAT'S COINCIDENTALLY HISTORICAL is that his abuelito (grandfather for you Gringos), Tomas Balcazar, scored a game tying goal for Mexico in 1954 against France. The only differnce being that this goal was the winner. So what did Mexico do, KEEP ATTACKING, which led to a penalty of another substitute in Cuauhtemoc Blanco that seared past the French goalie. WHAT IS SIGNIFICANT ABOUT THIS GOAL??? Blanco is now the only Mexican footballer to score in 3 different World Cups, FELICIDADES (CONGRATULATIONS PEOPLE!)

Let's take 1 MORE LOOK AT HISTORY! The average had started off at 3.9 goals per match in 1930 and peaked in 1954 at 5.4...WHAT! Yes 5.4 per match with guys from Hungary like Ferenc Puskas (One of the "4 Horseman of the Apocalypse" for Real Madrid's incredible teams of the 1950's), Sandor Kocsis (leading goal scorer in '54 with 11) and my personal favorite name ZOLTAN CZIBOR (Coolest name of any World Cup player ever). These guys were pulling off 8-3, 9-0, 6-1 victories, RIDICULOUS, but hey, they were that good, but not good enough, losing to Germany in a 3-2 comeback, CRAZY!

Next up Germany v. Serbia (Germans should be too much & win 2-1)
Our match of the day in USA v. Slovenia (We need this & can win 2-1)
A vindictive match for England v. Algeria (both want to prove their with, but England is the better team and will be sharp, so 2-0). Let's see how I do here ;^)

You don't like it or you do like it, tell me about it, comment on my website leave me a comment on my board...and we can discuss, but save the real talking for the soccer field.

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