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Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 4: Time to find your stride

Things are getting hot and heavy in South Africa and with the goal explosion of Germany's 4-0 tromping of Australia, things are starting to settle down and what's predicted to happen, by me, will happen. What does that mean, basically more goals, less nerves and players figuring out just how hard or soft to hit Adidas' incredibly aerodynamic ball...or do it from afar if you've got that much leg power. Seriously folks, how many balls can you send into the stands or way out to the right, this is not that Budweiser commercial where the mere site of the beer distracts the shooter.

So what's on tap, only some ever improving quality games and that starts when Denmark v. Netherlands (Holland) takes place to begin what many consider one of the best chances to with the World Cup that The Netherlands has had in years. This is the first Euro on Euro match of the World Cup with both teams previously even in terms of wins and goals. This time though both teams will be without some stars, the biggest being Arjen Robben, but it's not as significant as Denmark who are banged at all levels, most notably defense, most notably in Thomas Sorenson who has an elblow injury. If you don't have a top goalie, guys like Robin van Persie will make you pray for 2 week rain delays ;) Okay that's not going to happen, however what can happen is a 1-1 tie, but with all the confidence and solid play lateley from The Netherlands, they should roll 2-1. If not, this is definitely a big upset.

Well, well, well if it ain't my old friend Cameroon (beat Colombian in the 2nd Stage in 1990 on extra time, yeah it was big), ANYHOW! Now this is Africa and they are African, not to mention the least injured team still having their big star in Samuel Eto'o. Now Cameroon has never lost their opening match in 5 previous Cups, now they are facing a fast Japanese squad that has not scored many goals lately, in fact so few in their last 5 games that I don't see Japan scoring at all. Look for a 2-0 final that is not lopsided and if Japan shows up, 1-0, but Cameroon is king here.

Now I may look Italian to many and despite the fact that I am South American, I am not biased when I say, Italy is not the same team after winning it all in 2006 and they have not impressed much as of late. Fabio Canavarro is in this stellar Nike World Cup commercial directed by famed Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez IƱarritu, so that tells you he's their #1 hope. Granted their always peaking around major tournament time, something is of, they're not as special. What's so special about Paraguay? Their top flight scorer was shot outside of a bar in Mexico where he plays Club Football and even though it was to the brain he has inspired his team by sitting on the sideline for these matches and has been featured in several tear-jerking commercials in Paraguay: His tragic shooting, recuperation and presence is motivation that is rare and leads me to believe Paraguay can overtake Italy and the #1 seed in the group.

So how will Monday end..with some surprises and a major upset, cause there is always 2 or 3 and a Cinderella team...not to mention her ugly sisters ;)

You don't like it, tell me about it, comment on my website and leave me a comment on my board...and we can discuss, but save the real talking for the soccer field.

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