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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 6: There's something that burns below the surface

Now what do I expect to see from Group H, HELL ON WHEELS! And with good reason.

Chile qualified 2nd in the South America Zone with the 2nd highest number of goals (32), which means a high powered offense, one point behind Brasil. Humberto Suazo scored 10 goals (tops in this leage), so what does that mean for Honduras??? HELL!!! Not to say, they don't have a chance to a 1-1 tie, being coached by former Colombian leader Reinaldo Rueda (the only Colombian in the Cup minus two referees...pathetic, I know), have much resolve. Is it enough, unless Carlos Pavon pulls off a hat trick, they probably won't win. Chile is an attacking, free flowing South American squad led by "El Loco" Marcelo Bielsa of Argentina and he has "La Roja" firing on all cylinders. 2-0 Chile and that's being conservative as I don't see a North Korea Brazil stifling 1st half.

Just a history lesson from my Dad, Spain has never been beaten by Switzerland, 15-0-3...and it's not about to happen today! I can concede that the game may be hard fought, Spain may be nervous or more so trying too hard, but this is not the current Brazilian, this is the undefeated and save The Confederations Cup (undisputed) top flight team that no one wants to face. So what happens, well expected would be a 4-1 or 3-0 victory, but as this first round has gone 2-1 is more likely. Is Switzerland as poor a defense as Australia? No, but Spain is an even better offense than Germany, even in the latest rounds of World Cups, so let's make it 2-0 just to be conservative. The Swiss would have to cut off lots of passes to have a chance and get lucky in order to be in it. "La Madre Patria" (Spain for me) is my overall winner and I'm taking it to the bank, not to be biased, but Spain has been killing everyone and I don't think their fury is going to stop anytime soon as they have a lot to prove....what better time to do it.

We get a treat today too, with the end of Spain v. Switzerland comes the beginning of the 2nd stage and that starts off with Uruguay v. South Africa. If you thought France v. Uruguay was hard to predict, this is even harder. Remember I called Group A the Group of Confusion, well now South Africa is playing inspired football despite being one of the lowest ranked entries into Fifa 2010 Finals, they are attacking, scoring goals, setting up plays and doing all the things France did against Uruguay minus scoring a goal. What France did do is play some very tactical defense and stellar counter attacking that may prove to be too much for the host nation. I do believe South Africa will get their chances, but if they don't capitalize, Uruguay will bring down the thunder and that means goals by Forlan and his friends and for that reason I see another 2-1 to the South American Charruas just as Brazil v. North Korea.

The gracious host will not make it out with a questionable French side still in it and Mexico always coming out of the group stage for the last 6 cups, but it's still open.

Today will show more competiveness, but with lowered results from the underdogs...Cinderalla only had so many ugly sisters ;)

You don't like it or you do like it, tell me about it, comment on my website and leave me a comment on my board...and we can discuss, but save the real talking for the soccer field.

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